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Project:HUADIAN ChangSha 2*600mw power station
Party:Hunan changsha huadian power generation co., LTD
Water content:30000m3/d
Project:GuoDian DaZhou WanYuan 2×300MWpower plant unit project(automaticdosing system)
Party:Guodian; dazhou power co., LTD
Water content:60000m3/d
Project:ShuangChengmunicipal supply water treatment BTproject
Party:ShuangChengShi understanding of water supply and drainage co., LTD
Water content:50000 m3/d
Project:GuoDian HuNan BaoQing Coal electricity corporation 2×600MW supercritical unit water purification station
Party:Guodian hunan treasure celebration of coal co., LTD
Water content:90000m3/d
Project:supply water station reconstruction and extension project for MuLing foresty bureau
Party:MuLeng forestry bureau
Water content:10000 m3/d
Project:provision of equipment and instument for Indonesian Sulawei 2×50MW coal-fired power plant project
Party:Hubei hongyuan power engineering co., LTD
Water content:6240m3/d
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